Testing Process

Applicant Testing Process
Complete the initial application and return it to Millsboro Police Department.

When Millsboro Police Department is preparing to hire officers, applicants will be notified in writing at the address provided on the initial application regarding scheduled testing dates.

The Millsboro Police Department accepts employment applications on a continuous basis; however, we can only test applicants that have applications on file that are no older than one year. With that in mind, applicants are encouraged to keep their applications up to date.

The Millsboro Police Department’s application process consists of the following steps:

INITIAL APPLICATION – This application is pre-screened to determine the applicant’s eligibility. (See Applicant Qualifications) for further details.

WRITTEN TEST – This test is used to further determine the applicant’s eligibility. The test is conducted at Millsboro Police Department and administered by the staff of the police department. The written test consists of 100 multiple choice questions. A score of 70% needs to be acquired to proceed to the next phase of testing.

PHYSICAL AGILITY – This test is conducted to determine if the applicant meets the minimum physical requirements to attend the Delaware State Police Academy. The applicant must also sign a written waiver of liability. Applicants are highly encouraged to be prepared for this test. All portions of the Physical Agility Test must meet the minimum requirements to proceed to the next phase of testing. Any applicant failing to meet the minimum requirements during the first scheduled session will be given one opportunity to retake this test at a later date if time permits.

ORAL BOARD – This exam measures the ability to communicate information or ideas to other people in the areas of reasoning, oral expression and comprehension. The oral board exam is conducted at the Millsboro Police Department by senior officers within the department along with a representative from the personnel committee of the Millsboro Town Council.

BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION – An officer of Millsboro Police Department will be assigned to conduct an extensive background investigation on the applicant once he/she has successfully completed the above testing phases. The background investigation includes but is not limited to interviews with the candidate's family, friends, neighbors, supervisors, co-workers, acquaintances, etc. The investigator will also verify the candidate's education, employment, military, financial, criminal and traffic history.

POLYGRAPH (or) VOICE STRESS EXAMINATION– Focuses in the areas of criminal activity, drug usage, employment, financial credit and driving history. Applicants will be notified of the scheduled time and location to report for this examination.

CONDITIONAL HIRE – Based on their performance and standing in the process, applicants selected by the Chief of Police are offered a position with the Millsboro Police Department pending Medical and Psychological clearance.

MEDICAL – Applicants that accept a conditional hire with the department are required to successfully complete a full physical examination including a drug screen.

PSYCHOLOGICAL – Applicants that accept a conditional hire with the department are sent to a psychologist to determine if they are mentally and emotionally fit to be a police officer.

APPROVAL BY TOWN COUNCIL – The results of all testing phases will be forwarded to the Millsboro Town Council with the Police Chief’s recommendations. Applicants may need to appear before the council prior to final approval.

POLICE ACADEMY - Recruit officers then must attend and successfully graduate from the Delaware State Police Training Academy or Dover Police Academy that is located in Dover, DE. The academy is approximately 22 weeks of intensive and comprehensive police training. Studies involve a wide variety of topics including laws of arrest, criminal procedures, search and seizure, verbal judo, computer science, firearm's proficiency, cultural diversity, and crisis intervention.

FIELD TRAINING - Upon successful completion of the academy process, the recruit officer is assigned to a veteran officer of the department for an additional 12 weeks of field training. Applicants must obtain residency in Sussex County, Delaware and obtain a Delaware driver's license prior to completion of the Delaware State Police Academy.

Questions regarding the application process should be directed to Lt. Moyer of the Millsboro Police Department.

The Millsboro Police Department is an equal opportunity employer; We encourage all persons regardless of race, color, creed and\or religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, or sexual orientation to apply. Millsboro Police Department accepts employment applications on a continuous basis.