Duties & Responsibilities

Millsboro Police Officer Duties and Responsibilities
The Patrolman Duties:

  1. Shall be held strictly responsible for the general good order of the Department.
  2. Shall enforce the Town Ordinances of the Town of Millsboro, state and federal laws, and that the department’s Standard Operating Procedures and Directives, Rules and Regulations and any Special Orders governing the Department are strictly enforced.
  3. Shall perform such other duties that may be assigned by superior officers.
Job Summary:

The Patrolman, whose primary job function is uniform patrol, is the backbone of the Department. The Patrolman is sworn to uphold and enforce all laws and Town ordinances, to protect lives and property, and maintain peace and order in the community, including but not limited to, patrolling assigned beat in patrol car, on foot, or bicycle to control traffic, prevent crime or disturbance of the peace, and arrest violators.

The Patrolman is responsible for:

  1. Safe operation of a police vehicle in emergency and non-emergency situations.
  2. Geographical familiarity with the sectors, areas patrolled, and with persons living in the area.
  3. Maintaining calm and order within the assigned areas of patrol.
  4. Noting suspicious persons and establishments and reporting to superior officers.
  5. Reporting hazards, dispersing unruly crowds at public gatherings, rendering first aid at crashes, and investigating causes and results of traffic crashes.
  6. Utilization of the criminal and traffic collision reporting system and its application.
  7. Directing traffic around motor vehicle collisions, fires, parades, special events and other disruptions.
  8. Efficient operation of various speed measuring devices.
  9. Warn and arrest persons violating motor vehicle regulations and safe driving practices, especially in select areas of the Town where high incidents of violations have been observed or reported.
  10. Arrest persons committing criminal offenses.
  11. Monitor traffic to detect wanted or stolen vehicles.
  12. Provide information and assistance to motorists.
  13. Responds to calls for service and investigates complaints as required.
  14. Conduct preliminary investigations, write and file all facts, records, information involved on appropriate reports for possible use in court, and locate, preserve, and collect evidence of crimes and recovered property.
  15. Appear in court and testify as witnesses in traffic and criminal cases.
  16. Observe buildings and areas to evaluate security needs and to recommend measures to make them less vulnerable to crime.
  17. Tactful interaction with neighborhood groups, organizations, and individuals to address community concerns and problems and to inform them of crime prevention and security measures to improve the quality of life in the community.
  18. Safe and secure transportation and processing of persons taken into custody.
  19. Interviewing witnesses and suspects for successful prosecution of motor vehicle and criminal violations.
  20. Effective interaction with other department units, police, social service and corrections personnel.

In addition to the responsibilities outlined above, the Patrolman is accountable for the following:

  1. Knowledge of the Delaware criminal, motor vehicle and drug laws as well as underage alcohol violations.
  2. Knowledge of search and seizure laws coming under Delaware and US Constitutional law.
  3. Completing required reports within a given time period.
  4. Maintaining discipline, report infractions to superiors, notify superiors of major crimes and disturbances and take necessary action until arrival of a superior.
  5. Must perform at optimum levels, with limited supervision, and continuously seek to improve their performance, training, and education.
  6. Promoting public understanding of the Department through courteous and constructive interaction with individuals, groups, and with members of the media.
  7. Understanding and applying modern principles, methods and procedures of law enforcement, to include criminal investigation and identification, and crime prevention.
  8. Attends Department and other meetings as required.
  9. Complies with state law, established policies and procedures, directives, Rules of Conduct, written and verbal orders and instructions of superior officers.
  10. Must adhere to federal, state and local laws and ordinances with respect to conducting arrests and detentions.
  11. Ensures that resources designated to the Department are utilized in the most efficient manner.
  12. Reviews changes in policy and procedures to maintain and enhance efficiency while continuing to adhere to Town Code, state and federal laws and department policies.
  13. Enforcing all laws and ordinances within the jurisdiction of the Town of Millsboro.
  14. Performing other duties as assigned or directed by superior officers